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Partners Not Clients

Climbing has taught us many things and the most important of them is that you cannot succeed without the help of your climbing partners. Belay Partners is the support your brand needs for a successful climbing marketing!

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Give visibility to your brand in the climbing community with creative and innovative ideas.

Climbing Gyms

Take your gym to the next level and become a benchmark for the climbing industry.


Offer your products or services to climbers from all over the country or the world.

Climbing oriented ONG´s

Find support from people around the world, we help you reach more people!.

Tourism & Hospitality

Promote your tours and host climbers in your hostel or camp.

Route Setting

Build your personal brand and connect with climbing gyms from all the world.

Coaching & Health

Attract more climbers who want to learn from your knowledge to train harder.


Build your personal brand and leverage your talents as a professional climber.


Our Experience is Our Strength

Our purpose goes beyond offering our climbing marketing services to partners. We are a platform that seeks to connect and grow the climbing community.


We support brands, companies and organizations within the climbing industry to connect and build lasting relationships with their communities.


We are a platform that connects climbers and communities around the world.



We give visibility to the different climbing communities and their main actors.


We contribute to provide the community with relevant information about the different climbing crags.

Climbing Marketing Services

We offer our partners leading marketing services that are tailored to the current needs of brands in the climbing industry. We support everyone from climbing gyms to athletes in their communication and advertising.

Graphic Design

Visual communication solutions aligned to the needs of the climbing industry.

Graphic design and illustration 
2D and 3D animation
Web design 

Digital Marketing

Build a digital strategy in social networks
Communication pillars, building the ideal customer, brand positioning.
Blog development and maintenance
Strategy, management and placement of digital advertising


We help you tell stories that connect with the community.

Video Production
Drone Fly
Video editing
Podcast production
Event coverage
Content generation

Creative solutions

We solve problems in the climbing community with transformative ideas.

Creativity and communication strategy
Brand creation
Digital campaigns
Marketing, sales and customer service consulting

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